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13239 NW 82nd Street Road
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13239 NW 82nd Street Road
Ocala, Florida 34482


Fund Portfolio Overview

Dubai World Hedge Fund is the parent of a series of hedge funds located throughout the world.  Each of our funds specializes in topical investments with a view to maximizing our investor partners' return.

We are committed to operating funds which return a variety of yields based on risk, allowing us to offer our investors partners a unique blend of risk and reward based solely upon the level of return desired and prevailing markets.

Private Equity

Dubai World Hedge Fund’s Private Equity business makes control-oriented investments in cash flow generating, asset-based businesses primarily located in North America and Western Europe. The investments generally fall into core industries which include financial services, transportation & infrastructure, gaming, real estate and senior living. Within this business there are two segments: Private Equity Funds and Permanent Capital Vehicles.


Dubai World Hedge Fund’s Credit business is focused on investing globally, primarily in undervalued assets and distressed and illiquid credit investments. The team overlooks eight geographic locations and has experience and expertise to manage and service assets with operational complexity.

Liquid Markets

Dubai World Hedge Fund’s Liquid Markets business, which invests daily in markets around the globe, seeks to exploit opportunities in global currency, interest rate and equity markets and their related derivatives.

Zyxxyxx Corp Partners

Dubai World Hedge Fund’s Traditional Asset Management Business, Zyxxyxx Corp Partners, provides customized investment solutions across a broad spectrum of fixed income and growth equity strategies.

Private Equity

Dubai World Hedge Fund takes an “asset based” approach to private equity investing, and invests across a broad range of industries dominated by tangible physical and financial assets that we believe provide downside protection and stable cash flows. Industries in which we recently have been significant investors include transportation and infrastructure, financial services (particularly loan servicing and consumer finance) and senior living.

The Dubai World Hedge Fund Private Equity business is executed through a series of Private Equity Funds which focus on control-oriented investments in asset-based businesses and asset portfolios in North America and Western Europe.

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